Upgrading MVT tickets to Premier AP

Hi everyone,

Question for you: I have a DL AP that expires somewhere in November. We are going to DW end of September/October. We have 6-day, one park a day ticket from MVT (with our hotel room).

Those tickets are about $450 (rack price) and our AP at DL is $1000. The Premier AP is $1575 a year. Adding Maxpass ($75) a person at DL and MMM at DW (which I wanted) is breaking even (and we have not even considered discount on food and merchandise).

My question:

  1. Can I upgrade my MVT tickets to an AP Premier?
  2. Can I use my AP from Disneyland and merge it with the AP Premier (I am still going to have two months on it, I don’t want to pay double month for an annual passport!).

Any help is welcome!

Another question: if you do upgrade from park tickets to an annual passport, can you charge it to your room using your magic band?

I’m thinking you need an actual cast member for this one because there are lots of variables. If you get on the Disney World website you will most likely get a live chat pop up and you can start there with an online chat.

I can tell you that in April I had purchased a 3-day park hopper for DL and when we got to the park I converted it to a premier pass. I had to do that at the actual ticket booth in the esplanade and it took awhile. If I had to guess I would say you won’t have any trouble upgrading the MVT tickets to the premier, but getting any credit for what’s left of your Disneyland AP is questionable. I would say best case they would pro-rate your AP and give you 2/12ths (2 months) of the price as credit toward your premier.

Also doing the math (which honestly isn’t my strength!) you might still save money by putting your $450 toward the premier pass even if you can’t get credit for your DL AP… especially if you’ve already gotten your money’s worth with the DL AP. I could be wrong, but if you pay $450 out of pocket for this trip then decide to get a premier pass in November when the other one expires, you will be out the $450 anyhow, which is almost half of what you paid for the AP you have.

Or you could be like me and use your AP to spend even more money at the resorts! Amazing how I can justify an extra trip now that I have that premier pass in my wallet :).

I kind of came up to that conclusion! I realised that all of October is actually the free month I got when I renewed my DL annual passport last time.

If I take the tickets for WDW and apply them to a Premier, I am even. I just need to know if I can bridge the price of the tickets.

I was trying to convince the boyfriend to get park hopper for this WDW and pay for Maxpass upgrade at DLR. If I get the Premier, it is included and we already saved money. And maybe I can get a second Disney World trip somewhere in the next year…

Finally, we loved going to the Signature restaurants, so 10% off all the food at Disney World (and let’s be honest, 20% off all the pins I buy) is probably going to be good, in the end.

I upgraded a DL AP plus a 6 day WDW PH to a Premier pass at WDW (MK guest services outside gates) in May 2016. It did take awhile, the gal needed to get a supervisor and also had to call DL to find out how much I spent for the DL pass. It is possible to do what you are asking. There is no prorating though, you will have to pay full cost of the Premier Pass. The premier will also expire the same day that your DL AP would have expired so you will only get 2 months or less usage. I don’t know if they will give you the $75 credit for Maxpass, since it was not around when I got my premier. I do not know if you can charge to magic band, I just paid with credit card at the booth.
If you decide to try and do it, just know that you may get a CM who has never done it before and does not wish to try it. If so, just ask for a manager, or try another window.

I would be surprised if you can’t apply your ticket cost to a credit toward the Premier, especially before you actually use any days.

I’m a sucker for merch so that discount comes in handy too, and on a couple of special occasions we have used our discount on tours. Even the “free” (included) downloads of the ride photos are a money saver for us – we always like to get those if we can and the normal charge for them is pretty ridiculous.

Also keep an eye out for AP discounts on rooms… that can be a real saver too.

Thanks for all the information! I am glad to know some people did it (or something similar). I think we will do it! Had you used any of your 6-day WDW PH before upgrading? I was thinking to RD a park, ride a few rides, then go upgrade ticket at Guest Services in the afternoon.

I did go in the gates at MK first, because my tickets were from Undercover Tourist and I wanted to make sure I kept the savings. You should be fine to upgrade later in the day.

Great! My tickets are from Magical Vacation Travel. I don’t think they have a huge discount, but I still want to bank it! Rack Rate, tickets are $450, so I am hoping they discount $450 from the AP.

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I have read on the forum (did a search on MVT tickets) that other people have not been able to upgrade their MVT tickets at DW. I have not tried myself, but I wanted to let you know. If the pricing is similar through another discount ticket vendor you may want to go with them instead of MVT.

MVT tickets are convention tickets. Although they can be upgraded, you lose any savings and many CMs do not know how to do a simple convention ticket to AP. I am scared that no one would be able to figure out what you need done. You can usually bridge a regular discounted ticket. I would definitely cancel the MVT ticket.

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I guess I can contact MVT and ask them. Is it possible to remove the tickets from my package? And if I do, will that mess with my ADR? I have bot been through FPP process yet, but if I buy tickets from another vendor, linked them through MDE, then remove the ones from MVT, that should work, right?

That will work! If you do not have dining you will be changing to a room only reservation. It will not impact your ADRs.

I think my MVT reservation already says room-only, so hopefully that works. I’ll have to check with my boyfriend.

After a post in chat, I am tagging @SnowWhiteFan (I know I am a major pain) for advice on this ticket upgrade.

I would imagine you could use them to upgrade, but you do lose any “discount” that you would get, so you would pay the full difference. I haven’t had anyone do a premier with me, so I’m not sure of all of the details!


Once again- thank you for your help!

Thanks! As long as I am okay upgrading to Premier, I am fine paying the full price. I am just waiting on my TA to know the value in my MVT package (I have room + tickets and I don’t know how much is the room vs the tickets).

If you are not going to cancel the tickets with your agent then I would consider asking the agent to changing them to Disney tickets. It may increase your package price now but in the end you will pay the same and it will make the upgrade much easier .

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That is a good idea. I have not heard back from her yet, so we will see if I change yet my tickets…