Upgrading free dining

We will be staying at Pop Century in the fall. IF they offer free dining and we get that, is it possible to upgrade the free quick service to deluxe and how much would that cost?

Yes, they will let you upgrade. I believe the price is typically the difference in price between the 2 plans. That seems the most fair way to figure it.

We have had free dining at POP for our last 2 visits. We upgraded from quick service to regular dining plan. The cost was the difference between the 2 plans which was about $19/adult/night and $3/child/night.
The upgrade cost from quick service to deluxe is much more…about $68/adult/night and $14/child/night. You should really crunch the numbers to see if it is worth it. For us, the regular dining plan was more than enough food. The upgrade saved us money because we have 2 kids and did lots if character meals which are expensive out of pocket.

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