Upgrading AP or Buying Outright

Because I’m planning 2-3 trip this year, the MVT agent I’m working with suggesting purchasing 1 annual pass in our family (which should OBVIOUSLY be me ; )). Our first trip will be a short one in August 2018. The other members of my party will likely buy convention tickets through MVT (any red flags about this?). The agent suggested I buy directly from Disney and either get the AP or buy a 2 day ticket and upgrade on one of our 2 days in the park. So, should I just go ahead and buy the AP outright or should I buy a separate 2 day ticket from Disney and then upgrade when we arrive? Other better options?

One other point that may influence my choice. We are planning a dinner for our arrival night that I’d love to use the 10% passholder discount on but we aren’t planning to go to a park that day. Would I have to go to a park to activate or upgrade my AP or ticket to use it that evening. Is there anything easier about activating that might not require a trip to guest services in the park?

Thanks, Liners!

What agent gave you that advice? I would either buy the AP outright or use JJT’s spreadsheet to find the ticket with the greatest discount to upgrade. I would also always upgrade on the first day for the greatest discount.

JJTs spreadsheet says I should buy a 10-day park hopper from Undercover Tourist to save $72. While $72 is not nothing, I certainly feel a bit nervous about buying a ticket I would never buy under normal circumstances and then waiting to convert when I’m there. I just feel less general angst about buying the AP directly from Disney but maybe I’m being silly. I’m just nervous that something won’t work right and my daughter and parents will be inconvenienced by my mess.

Are the convention tickets for the other members of my party problematic or do you think the agent is just giving bad advice?


You do have to go to a park to activate. I did this last Sept. we were staying AKL so AK was a quick jaunt while the fam headed to the pool.

That is where we will be to. Should I plan on about an hour?

Max an hour. It’s about 5 mins bus ride from point to point.

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Thank you so much for this info. Did you opt for upgrading a ticket or just buying the annual pass and then activating it? I’d love to know other thought processes.

I just bought the AP. I don’t math well. I don’t know if it was my smartest $$ move but it’s an AP either way so :wink:

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I hear you. I can barely contain my excitement.

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Have you stayed at AKL before? So fantastic… <3 I’m at Poly this next trip I know I’ll love it, but I know I’m gonna miss “home” a bit too.

Yes! I mean does it get any better than morning coffee with giraffes? We are trying a split stay with AKL/Poly. Even if I don’t like the hotel as much, I think I will appreciate being so close to MK with a 6 year old. And my grandma just loved the Poly back in the day so that nostalgia will be nice for this multigenerational trip.

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Have you stayed Poly?

Not yet but my Grandma stayed that when it first opened. I heard many stories growing up.

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