Upgrading a Ticket at Guest Services

Hi there - spent almost an hour on the phone with Disney today trying to upgrade my 5 day ticket to a 6 day ticket. They were very pleasant, it just took a long time because they were confused since I purchased my ticket in October before the ticket changes took place. Long story short but they can’t help me over the phone, I have to go to guest services in person when I arrive in a couple weeks.

I really wanted to do EMM for Toy Story Land but waited too long to book and it was sold out. Low and behold I check this morning and I was able to book for May 29 - yes! This was our planned off day but I decided to go for it and I bought the ticket to EMM. Yay! So now our off day will be a Hollywood Studios day. Now I need to add a day to my ticket. Now for my questions and where I need help! I could have asked Disney this morning but was on the phone so long with them and needed to get back to work. Appreciate any advice from you all!

  1. Can I go to guest services at Disney Springs or do I need to go to one at the park? I’d prefer to just hit Disney Springs on my arrival day and get this all taken care of.
  2. Is there anyway to book an appointment at Guest Services or email them in advance of my needs so that it goes quicker? Or do you find that the Guest Services at the park/Disney Springs are much more knowledgeable than those that you call? Honestly I was surprised at how confused the lady was that I spoke to this morning. She kept referring to how “old” my ticket was since I purchased it in October and there was no way she could change it.
    Thanks for any advice!

I had planned to do our ticket upgrades at Disney Springs so I’m also interested in what Liners have to say about that. We should be able to get it done there with no problem, but it’s good to never assume!

They do have to do upgrades in person, unfortunately the CM you got on the phone didn’t know this. It seems to me that the most experienced CMs are at Guest Services in the parks, but even then their knowledge base varies.

To be sure that you get the value out of your ticket, make sure it’s “bridged” properly, i.e. they give you the full Disney value at the time you bought it, no matter where you got it. Yours will have been issued before they went to date-based ticketing so you should be able to find out what the Disney price of that ticket was. If you purchased it directly from Disney, then of course it will be what you paid for it.

I got my family’s tickets from Undercover Tourist, AND they’re date-based so who knows what they’ll charge me to upgrade. I know there’s been a price hike even just since then- for you there’ve probably been two. Be prepared for some sticker shock!

I did buy the tickets from Disney and good point, am expecting some sticker shock since I know there’s been some price increases. I so regret not buying a 6 day ticket at the time. Lesson learned for next time! Always buy enough days on the ticket. Of course this would be a non issue if I had an AP. I thought about getting one this year but I’m going to wait until next summer and then try to plan a family trip in summer 2020 and get in hopefully two solo trips, one in 2020 and one in 2021

Well, I did pretty much the same the same thing!

I did get myself an AP because the room discount was big enough to pay for it, but didn’t get enough days on the tickets for the rest of the family. I didn’t think they’d want to go the day we arrive, but then the park hours were extended rather dramatically which made it more worth it for that day. Which I should have been able to predict.

Live and learn.

We used Disney Springs last June for me to upgrade/bridge to an AP and we were there quite a while. Be prepared wait.

Mousesavers says that date-specific tickets can be upgraded online even if they were purchased from a third-party retailer like Undercover Tourist:

This is new; for a long time you had to upgrade in person. But now once you’ve linked your ticket to MyDisneyExperience, you should be able to change it yourself, whether you’ve purchased it directly from Disney or from a third-party retailer like Undercover Tourist. Odd situations (upgrading older tickets, upgrading to specialty annual passes, etc.) still need to be done by a Cast Member, but they may be able to do it on the phone. Try to do your upgrade in MyDisneyExperience first, and if you can’t get it to work, call Disney World ticketing directly at (407) 566-4985, during normal daytime hours in Florida. Don’t just call the main Disney number – you’re likely to get a Cast Member that only knows how to do the most basic upgrades.

I have no experience doing this, but it might be worth looking into.

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Thank you! I’ll give that a try before we go. I’ll still have to stop at Guest Services to activate my AP but this will save a ton of time, I’m sure.

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