Upgrades for Closed Resorts

We were supposed to stay at WL April 2020 but rescheduled to April 2021 when things took a turn early last year.

I saw recently that WL won’t be reopening until June. I also saw that some folks were being upgraded from their closed resort to one that is open - sometimes going from a value resort to a deluxe or a standard room to a family suite.

Does anyone know how far in advance they’re notifying reservation holders of upgrades? Additionally, our group holds two reservations. Would we be upgraded to the same resort/room type?

We’re still up in the air with whether we’ll postpone our trip to fall 2021, but any room upgrade may help sway our decision.

Thank you!

The upgrades mainly happened because there were only really DVC resorts open at the time. I wouldn’t expect an upgrade, much more likely either the Contemporary or a DVC room at Boulder Ridge.

With two rooms, were they booked together? I would be tempted to call and ask now to get the best chance of being moved to the same resort. They seem to be contacting guests around 4 weeks ahead, by which time there may not be a lot of options left.

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We were booked with 2 rooms at POFQ for this month. Disney had our reservations noted as TW, travel with. I called probably in August or September to get our reservations changed to a resort that was open. We were “moved” to Coronado Springs with rooms at Gran Destino Tower. It was price protected to the bounceback offer price we had at POFQ. We ended up canceling, but it was a nice deal. You are not given a choice of resort for the change in location was my experience.
I would recommend calling now, not waiting for Disney to contact you.


Yes, we booked both reservations at the same time with a TA. Thanks for your response. I’ll have to get the wheels in motion.

Thanks for responding with your experience. I’ll reach out to our TA to make sure our reservations are set up as TW and to see what disney may offer.

Pixie dust does happen - we just got back a few weeks ago from a trip that was supposed to be at AKL standard view (not open.) We got it on an amazing 40% off deal through Undercover Tourist. Disney moved us to Contemporary Theme Park View for no change in price.
It’s really all about what’s available and the extenuating circumstances… The one thing they won’t do is move you down to a moderate or value.

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A few people were moved to the Gran Destino Tower at CSR from resorts like the Poly and WL during the early Fall. They did get some money back but that was the only option given.


We had a similar experience. Upgraded from Beach Club standard to Grand Floridian theme park!