Upgraded resort for combined stays

So… Stupid Peacemaker Enneagram 9 me is feeling SUPER guilty about taking personal days in January after yesterday’s restart in-person learning meeting and the principal going on about how we are very slim on substitutes and coverage could be challenging.

So… I am pondering just cancelling January upgrading my Feb trip resort. I added both trips together and came up with places that would fall under those two amounts (Jan and Feb) since I had already budgeted those amounts. I am currently booked at CBR.

Here are the ones I have come up with…

  • GDT Water View
  • SSR Preferred Studio (I am most meh on this option, but in full disclosure should put it out there)
  • Contemporary Garden Wing Garden View
  • Copper Creek Studio

I am surprisingly kind of leaning towards Copper Creek because of the dining options (I have heard RAVES about the bison burger), but not sure. Have you stayed there and what did you think?

What would your first choice be among those?

(Riviera is just enough over the two combined I am not ready to add that to the list - I would rather book lower and then if I end up with more money than I think is there upgrade if available.)


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I haven’t stayed at SSR and am booked for the first time at GDT in February, hopefully will get to make that trip. But I did stay at WL-BRV and CR-GW on my trip last August. Not sure who is in your party but my inclination out of these if you have kids along is WL-CC. The resort is just so beautiful and the pools are great. If proximity to MK is really important to you than CR may be worthwhile, but as a resort WL wins for me. Traveling without kids for the first time, I’m looking forward to GDT for the new tower rooms and dining there. Will have to assess its appeal for kids.

I’m a solo adult. (Sorry, should have said that!) But definitely a kid at heart. :slight_smile:

WL has never before been really high on my list - but I think that is because the only times I have been there was being dragged to Artist Point (pre-character) because my dad wanted to eat there and I was not a fan of the menu (at least the part in our budget - read: not the steak). I feel like I should give it a chance at some point, and this may be the better time to try.

I think you are right! WL is gorgeous and would be a great splurge. Although Artist Point isn’t open yet there are still Whispering Canyon and the outdoor dining which are both excellent. And at least you have the boat to MK so don’t always need to use a bus. Ideally I would wait until Toledo is open again for GDT, but this is a rare occasion for us where we don’t need a room that sleeps 5 and we got a good deal via Disney Visa.

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Not much help, I haven’t stayed at any of those. But, Wilderness Lodge looks like such a pretty resort. Plus the great food options. That’s what I would pick.

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We ate at Geyser Point, it was our favorite spot this whole trip. I could eat there multiple times a trip. So relaxing and the view is beautiful. I vote for Copper Creek.

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Copper Creek Studio if you can get it.

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Thanks all! January trip has been moved to February in a Copper Creek Studio! :slight_smile:


Great! I can sleep on the pull-out, no worries :slight_smile:


Haha! The day after we returned home a tenant came to pay rent and mentioned they wanted to take their 2 year old to Disney next year but were worried about the planning. Ohhhh did my eyes light up! I practically offered to plan it all and may have mentioned if you need a sitter while your there…