Upgraded magic bands

Are people still having trouble upgrading their magic bands online. I get right to the very last step which is submitting payment and get an error message “we encountered an error. Please try again later”

Yes. Also, messages showing that the selected upgraded band is no longer in stock (I got that message for weeks as have others). I gave up and just ordered the regular bands. Some people have had success with repeated attempts, but it sounds like they have invested a lot of time.

I figured out that they switched up the options sometime between 40 and 45 past the hour. If I was near a computer I would check it. I checked it many times for many days. I got lots of what we wanted, but not all of what we wanted. My 2 year old decided that she had to have Fancy Nancy as soon as it went out of regular rotation :roll_eyes: Oh well.

It helped that we had a split stay so I got two chances. And then we changed reservations and through a glitch, even though it was cancelled, the old reservation allowed us to order bands too. So three chances.

I got one just the other day. No trouble. It’s on my doorstep as we speak

Also, are you using an incognito window/tab?

I had to use incognito for a long time, when looking. Just this week, though, I tried with a regular browser, and it worked OK. Funny, that was the time that I got a request for feedback on how the site was working. Never before, go figure.

Note that I haven’t yet tried to order anything… just stalking the options.

Yes. It’s the only way the dang site works for me anymore.

Here’s my new Small World MB


Lookin’ good!! I can’t wait to unbox mine, but I’m afraid I’ll put that white castle one and not want to take it off. Then the surprise will be ruined for the kids! 27 days!!

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My kids may be differently surprised. I go solo in 65 days :open_mouth:


I’m jealous!!! I don’t see a solo trip in my future for at least a decade. Hmm, maybe I don’t want so many more kids…

It’s purely unselfish research reasons. I really would rather not have to go…



You are such a giver!


Way to take one for the team. If you need me to take one for you, I can be available next time. :smile:


And for further info that might help (UK) purchasers, I tried the other day in Chrome and received a failure that my card would not be accepted. Given all the info I’d read, I wasn’t surprised, so left it for another day. Same thing happened the next day…

Actually, the problem wasn’t Chrome, wasn’t solved by incognito mode, nothing like that. It was that I couldn’t use a Visa Credit card, but only my Visa Debit card! Who knew?

All is well and the bands will be available at POFQ in 183 days time. :heart_eyes:

I find it so incredibly frustrating that the MB upgrade option still has so many issues despite it being rolled out months ago. To be able to actually see and buy the MBs all 5 of us want in 1 single transaction is practically impossible. I wish it worked like it was supposed to - you buy whichever MB you want as it becomes available but it leaves you the option to still buy for others in your party in a separate transaction. And then they all ship out together that set time before your arrival (3 weeks ?) The current system where you have to select for everybody in a single transaction pretty much guarantees that somebody is settling (or just getting a plain one) since the selection is still pretty small most days. Rant over. :sweat_smile:

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I still can’t upgrade. Always get error message. Can you call and upgrade MBs over the phone??

I tried that and was unsuccessful. Could have been the CM I spoke with but she definitely wasn’t helpful or sympathetic.