Upgrade to AP before trip

Somebody must have asked this question before but I couldn’t find a recent thread on point, so I’ll throw it out there - is it possible to upgrade a park ticket to an AP before the trip? I’m going in early April and have held off buying my ticket, but my FP date is approaching so obviously I can’t wait too much longer. I want to take advantage of some of the AP event discounts (like Villains After Hours) which obviously I can’t do without the AP. Thoughts?

If you don’t have a ticket why would you upgrade and not buy the AP?

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If i don’t have a current AP I will pruchase a discount multiday ticket from one of the outlets like parksavers.com then upgrade it my first day there at guest relations. The upgrade price is based on type and days left so you still get to keep any savings you got buying the ticket.

Potentially you can upgrade at the park as suggested. You would not be able to book the VAH with the AP rate now, you will need to purchase the AP now and activate when you get there.

Should have specified that I am probably going to do the same thing as @bigmikeh1965_639024 and buy through Undercover Tourist to bridge, hence my inquiry - I’ve done the upgrade at the park in the past doing the same thing with the discounted ticket, but I wasn’t sure if I could do the same thing over the phone before the trip. My hesitation about waiting until I get there is that VAH sells out before I have a chance to buy the ticket with the AP discount.

You might be able to upgrade through the app. You have never been able to upgrade over the phone through a discounted seller. The whole idea regarding bridging is to use it once to lock in the savings (I am not confident what the status of that is with priced based tickets). If you upgraded over the phone you would lose the discount and should just purchase the AP to ensure the savings?

I tried to upgrade through the app with an outside ticket & was not able to.

I’m the past I was made to believe it had to be done in person

I’d just go ahead and buy the AP. Much easier.
Plus you truly never know when a price change can mess up your Cost savings plans big time.

If you are purchasing independently, I agree – just buy the AP outright.

If you are going through a TA, you cannot purchase an AP with them but could buy the max ticket and then upgrade upon arrival.

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Last year I bought three 7-day PH tickets through Undercover Tourist and then decided to upgrade them to APs. I tried to do it over the phone, but was told they would have to be upgraded in person. Then the AP price jumped without warning, and I ended up not only losing any potential savings I would get through bridging, but also not being able to afford to upgrade all three tickets to APs. I wish I had just bought the APs from the start!

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