Upgrade tickets w/express pass to Annual Pass help

I purchased a promo ticket for 2 days + 3 free days that included Unlimited Express all of the days (Unlimited Express wasn’t an add-on, it was part of the ticket promo). I’d like to upgrade it at the parks to an Annual Pass to take advantage of the Annual Pass hotel discount, which I’d present at the hotel after the upgrade.

Will doing this wipe out the attached the Unlimited Express and I’ll lose it? I’ve not had Express nor upgraded my tickets at all so I’m not sure how the process works or if upgrading invalidates your existing tickets. Thank you in advance for any insight.

I have read your post a few times and then I started looking around to find info on that type of ticket. Wow! I never knew that existed. If I were to guess, I would say you could upgrade to the premier pass with after 4 express pass, but I think you will pay the difference but lose the express pass with any other AP?

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This may be relevant …

I bought a 14 day ticket for my trip this summer and went to guest services to upgrade it to an annual pass on my first day. I wanted the cheapest pass to upgrade to.

They said they’d be happy to process the upgrade but then I wouldn’t be allowed back in the park because it was a blackout day for the pass I was buying!

They recommended waiting till the end of my trip.


Thank you for the thoughts! I’ve only ever had standard tickets before, the little plastic card you get at the gate, so I wasn’t sure how Universal connected this type of ticket to the included Express Pass. My dates wouldn’t be blacked out if I upgraded, but I also don’t want to lose the included Unlimited Express pass if I upgrade the first day to get the hotel discount, either. I might keep an eye on my hotel dates and switch to a non-AP room so I don’t have to stress over it.

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I would stop by guest services and ask the first day. My guess is the whole price of the ticket won’t go toward the pass (if they allow it at all) because a piece is dedicated to Express. If they do let them upgrade I wouldn’t do it until the last day, the express access won’t carry over to the pass.

Call Guest Services. I’d bought tickets at Sam’s at a Discount, then upgraded to annual pass. Before I bought the tickets, I’d called guest services to see how much the upgrade cost would be. Actually, I would email them, so that you can print out the response.
You won’t need to pass for the hotel until you check out, and in case the credit towards the annual pass isn’t attractive, you only need one annual pass for the hotel.

Sorry, I hadn’t noticed how old this was