Upgrade resort?

Currently booked at POP in few weeks for my once girls weekend now anniversary weekend trip. Anyways…Thinking of upgrading to a deluxe resort? With limited hours I feel like we will be spending more time at the resort than we usually do so thought it would be better to have a resort with more options to occupy our time. Better food options and such. Think it’s worth it and if so I which resort do we switch to that is actually open? Never stayed deluxe before.

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Florida and southern dates have some really good discounts right now. Is that you?

Are you thinking of any specific deluxe? I love all the deluxe resorts but depending on what opens when CSR is available , that could have as much /more dining options than many deluxes.

unfortunately not…The other discount will save us a little I think but not much like $500 off

You could consider a moderate. They have nice themed pools too, table service.

don’t have any one in mind so open to all the suggestions! I looked at Kidani but with only the dvc open it limits us. Always wanted to stay there. Poly isn’t open and as for the others…I have no clue. Never really looked at them cause it didn’t really matter before.

We just stayed at CBR last october with the kids and I think that may be the only moderate open right¿

do we know when CSR is supposed to open?

You opposed to a cash stay in a DVC studio?

not opposed but I would have to buy park tickets right? Are they allowing that yet

You don’t have to buy park tickets to book a cash DVC.

I know, but I would still need park tickets and wasn’t sure if park only tickets are being sold by Disney or anyone yet? Anyone know about that? The tickets I have now are with my package I booked

Park only tickets are available.

ETA: Yes, you can book a room-only reservation and buy tickets separately.

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Haven’t stayed but Wilderness lodge looks like a great pool and a few dining options now.

October 15th, as the only moderate with a fitness center and the variety of food options (depending on what opens), It might be a consideration?

The world is your oyster and you and your spouse are the pearls. You going sans kids?

Good question… and what park are you going to most?? Maybe an Epcot area resort is appealing.
I tend to go towards MK because my kids are little.

yes sans kids! I have a really hard time making decisions so this is kind difficult

Another thread just started noting Major Dolphin deals. That’s an EC resort . Boardwalk. International entrance. Lots of ppl like it.


we are only there 3 days leaving in 3 weeks. Not doing Epcot because we can’t hop but that wouldn’t deter me from staying at a Epcot area resort.

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