Upgrade Dining Plan or Switch Resorts

I’m looking for a bit of advice. I have a trip planned in August staying at OKW 2 bedroom villa with free dining plan (there are 4 of us). I noticed today that a 2 bedroom villa opened up a AKL Kidani (standard view) and now I’m torn.

If I choose AKL I keep my dining plan the way it is, If I keep OKW I can upgrade my ddp to dddp. Either way I do it, it will be close to the same as far as cost goes.

What would you do in this situation. I’ve never stayed at OKW, but, I have stayed a AKL. We will be celebrating my B-Day and a first time visit for my sons girlfriend.

Thank you!

DDP is a huge amount of food, I can’t imagine upgrading to deluxe.

I’d just pick whichever resort you’d prefer to stay at, and leave the dining plan as it is.


I agree. Unless you’re planning a ton of signature restaurants I think you’ll find that you will end up spending way too much time at restaurants just to try and get your money’s worth. I would stick with the regular dining plan and go with whichever resort you think you’d like best.

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I wouldn’t pay to stay at a villa with a full kitchen and then also pay for the deluxe dinning plan. I would hate the lack of flexibility with two dinner reservations a day (unless signature as mentioned above).


I agree with it being a lot of food for sure. There were some signature restaurants that I wanted to take the family to which is why I was thinking of upgrading to the dddp, but, I would keep my plan the way it is if I thought the AKL would be worth the switch. I’m a little nervous about getting around OKW since it is so big, but I’ve heard it is a really nice there.