Upgrade at Riverside?

Has anyone had luck getting an upgraded room at checkin at Riverside? I have a standard room booked and wondering if I should ask for a King bed w/murphy or a royal room at checkin and if there is any possibility of getting them.

Any other room recommendations? Other than those two choices I don’t see anything particularly special about any of the rooms or views.


It doesn’t hurt to check at check-in. You can also fax them using this site and ask for the same thing. Remember one thing about purchasing a room with a particular view. Disney considers anything with even a small view of say the pool or river a pool view or a river view. That means you basically could pay more for the view you want and find out that you see very little of it even though it is called a river or pool view. As far a King or Queen rooms you can either pay the price stated or simply chance they may have and extra they want to fill and put you in it on request. Disney customer service does try their best to accommandate your every wish. We stay at PoR a lot and tend toward Magolia Bend. Everyone is different. Also be aware that many rooms have now been converted to theme rooms that can cost you up to $75 more per night.

You will usually only get a free upgrade if your room category has been oversold. If you really want the better room, you need to pay for it up front so as not to be disappointed. However, if you’re not too bothered and willing to take your chances, it doesn’t hurt to ask.

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Agreed that there is no guarantee–I’m not going to be disappointed if I have a parking lot view because that is what I paid for (and I plan on doing quite a bit of exploring the resort anyway) but I was just trying to gauge if people had had success with upgrades here. I have been upgraded at Caribbean Beach and AKL a few times to better views just by asking (but did not have success at the Poly last summer!) so was really wondering if it was even worth asking. I think I’ll end up asking for the royal rooms and the king bed to see if I can get an upgrade to either, knowing that it is a long shot. Thanks!

I never pay for a view at POR. The doors open to a walkway and since people walking past the room can see in I always keep the drapes pulled closed. The parking lots are surrounded by trees and flowers- it is such a beautiful resort.

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We asked if we could upgrade from a standard room to a king room at check in at POR for our first stay. The lady kindly got her calculator out and showed us the price difference lol. We opted not to spend the money. @PrincipalTinker is right, most of the standard views are fine since there is so much greenery at the resort.


Yeah, it’s always better to lead with the “How much would it be to upgrade to [insert desired room here] if there are any available?” - sometimes (read: usually) it’s the calculator and amount and sometimes (read: usually much less often than reading this and other forums would suggest) it’s a “Let me check on that” and pixie dust happens.

I actually had to lead with “Can I be downgraded into the category I selected?” when they “upgraded” me to a Pirate Room at CBR for the weekend I was doing the Goofy Challenge. I have no issues with the rooms as a rule and for a regular visit would have taken it - but a weekend where I was doing 39.3 miles of run/walking and getting up to be on busses at 3am 2 mornings in a row, I did not need all the extra leg bumping things like those ship bed frames. I ended up in a King room, which was an upgrade from my booked standard room. LOL. I think I had added in “I’d just rather that pixie dust go to a family with a child who would love it!” which made the CM smile.

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