Updating park wait times

So I remember last year when they were trying to re-work the time frame of wait times etc… do the park numbers 9/10 5/10 etc. reflect the updates?

a few more questions

will they update the times again based on new research that they do or will it be pretty much the same? I am getting close to the 180 day mark for reservations and I want to be sure that I choose accordingly.

I can’t answer the first question, though by this time I would think they have adjusted things to reflect the “new normal”

That said, I think they were dealt a bit of a curve ball with the early morning event at MK now being offered. That’s going to throw things off for sure.

As for updating, if crowd levels change and you have been tracking a date, you should - if you checked the box - get an email alert to update you to the new crowd level.

If you need specifics on how-to, let me know and I can go into more detail about this, but it is a fantastic feature of the TP site.