Updating/Changing FPP reservations

Hi all,

I need some tips and suggestions how to search for possible updates/changes for FPP reservations without losing my mind.

For the dining reservations, it is relatively straightforward - search obsessively and if you see something you'd like, book it, if it conflicts with a current reservation, you'll be advised to change it. You are allowed to search for larger/smaller groups, times that overlap with current reservations.

For FPP, you can only see available times that are for your exact size group and if they don't conflict with current reservations, correct?

Is there any way to search more freely? I have 90% of the FPP ressies I want, just looking to swap out one or two...preferably while still being able to hold down a full-time job (aka not spending hours each day online).


Edit: I look like a newbie, but I've actually been a TP lurker/occasional poster for almost 4 years. I just haven't been to WDW since the FPP were introduced smile

I am having the same problem! I finally just cancelled the whole day so I could see if there were any SDMT at all. I figure my splash and BTMRR aren't that hard to get later.