Updates to TP wait data - Remy's

I’m finding it frustrating to work on an Epcot TP. Every article out there seems to indicate it is worthwhile to rope drop Remy. Assuming you can:

  1. enter from IG - check, we’re staying at Beach Club
  2. use early entry - check again, official hours are 9-9 (for 8/15), we’ll try to line up at 730a (for 830 EE), and eat breakfast out of our back packs
  3. get to Remy 2-5 minutes after EE begins.

The problem here is with the TP. When I push Remy to the top and EVALUATE, I get an arrival time of 8:35 (probably accurate’ish enough), but a wait of 35 minutes.

I just checked thrill-data (https://www.thrill-data.com/waits/attraction/epcot/remysratatouilleadventure/) for Monday, 6/27 (we’ll be there Monday, 8/15), and the actual wait does not hit 35 minutes until 15 minutes after EE.

Being the first attraction, and not getting accurate wait data, and no ability to override the 35 minutes and set it to something more realistic, time shifts the entire day’s tour plan. Those 15 minutes could end up jeopardizing accurate arrival and wait data for all the other attractions and compounds through the entire day!

Am I missing something?

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Are you starting your TP at 8:30? Rather than 9?

Can you possibly override by telling it that you’re doing G+ for Remy and then manually setting the return time? That should lower the wait time.

Yes, sorry if that wasn’t clear. I’ve edited the first post to help clarify. We’ll line up at 730a for an 830a EE.


Thanks for this idea DWJoe. I will try this. Currently I’m starting about 2-3 different plans so I can control the timing better. I’ve got an EE plan that only includes Remy, Frozen, and then make an audible for TT, MS, or Soarin. And a new plan that starts at 9am and skips Remy and Frozen.

TP has always struggled with getting the time for the first ride of the day right because there are so many variables. It basically doesn’t assume you will be at the front of the pack, but instead assumes you will be in the middle of the pack.

There are workarounds. One is to put your first item of the day a place to eat near the ride (such as the crepery?) With the 8:30 time, set for maybe 15 minutes and then add a note that this step actually means ride Remy.


Oh, I like this idea too ryan1!

I would like to state Remy’s ride is a total waste of your time. Here’s the jist of it. Mouse running under one table after another view. Chef’s try to stop him. You got it! That’s it and it is all over in a few minutes. :laughing: