Updated Touring Plans

Is Touring Plans updating touring plans with the changes with reopening? Trying to figure out how much to rely on the touring plans or if I have to work things out on my own. Thanks!

The wait times are updated only through the end of August. Most other things are changed/ updated.

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According to Len, the founder of TP, he reported on the very latest episode of his Podcast - The Disney Dish that using a TP only saved 10 minutes & 1.2 miles of walking versus not using one. He did 18 attractions at MK each way and could have done repeat rides with no issue.

Right now there aren’t any “crowds” at the parks. I love TP, but unless people begin to travel more a TP isn’t needed. Have fun & stay safe! :grinning::mask:


I agree that a TP won’t help you much in being more efficient. But i have to disagree that a TP isn’t needed. For me, it wasn’t about finding the BEST plan but more about ORGANIZING my plan. Meaning, giving me a rough estimate of my day and how many hours it will take. Even planning around meals, a TP is beneficial. I just hate to be shooting from the hip! But if I was a theme park connoisseur like @darkmite2 and have all the locations in the parks memorized, I might feel differently. :rofl:


Thanks! But again, and it’s not just me being an obsessed fan,… the crowds just aren’t there according to every outlet / blogger currently visiting - including Touring Plans. A typical day in MK is about 50K of people. Right now they are barely getting 5K most days - sometimes less. You can just go everywhere and do everything over & over - even with them closing at 6pm.

Look at the most recent trip reports… it’s insane!


I agree, and I know the parks much better than I should for how infrequently I am there. It’s nice to have a plan locked in stone so I can disregard it. :joy: LOL I need to know generally what my days are going to look like, which rides I will likely have time for when, and having a detailed plan helps that. The TP software is great for that, even if you don’t optimize or even get any better wait times because of it (that’s just an added bonus).


You’re both cracking me up! :slight_smile: We aren’t there until mid-October, so hoping things aren’t too much more crowded. Haven’t been to DW in 25 years, so things are a little different. I remember plotting out TP for Disneyland 10 years ago, and then never really using them since it was so slow that week. But it definitely did help me mentally prepare and plan for the day, and then we thought we were awesome when we could hop in other lines!


I have been wondering the same. I created a touring plan today, and frankly, it was worse than what I did last October. We never waited longer than 20 minutes for anything, except the brand new Millennial Falcon, and for that we only waited 30 minutes. I don’t see an advantage to going right now, based on the Touring Plan that I created.

Expect predicted wait times for the Fall to drop significantly, whenever TP does an update.


TP is still gathering data from the reopening and haven’t done a major update - only a minor one. The information you are, currently, using is still out-of-date. The first significant update is expected soon, but it’s still not going to be 100%. In order to have correct wait time & CL info TP needs about two months worth of data collection. They are in each of the parks a few times each week right now.

If you watch the Touring Plans YouTube Channel you’ll see them basically walking on most rides - definitely no more than 10 - 15 minutes waits. Those tend to happen when they pause the queue to do the ride vehicle cleaning cycles every couple hours.

IMHO - The September update, after Labor Day, will be when TP will have a “better” idea of wait times.


FYI, TP updated the crowd calendar for September, showing mostly “1’s”
But, October still appears unadjusted, stay tuned…

I like TP for just having a plan and knowing about where I can be to eat at a place at a time I want. If I want to eat at Pecos at 12, I dont want to be on the Barnstormer at 11:40, lol. Also, I like to get an idea of how long Ill be in a line. I like to space out the long lines so its not one after the other after the other. I know which ones always have long lines but some can sneak up on u.

Seems to me TPs will very quickly become helpful again based on what I see in current trip reports. With increased (even though still limited) crowds compared to attractions available and ride capacity, fewer park hours, and new challenges like lines that are in now in full sun because of distancing, you might be considering some different variables than before, but still benefit greatly from having a good thoughtful plan.

I’m noticing that some of dining options are not showing on the TPs, but according to the Disney website, they are open. For example, I don’t see Les Halles Boulangerie-Patisserie or Kringla on the TP for Epcot, but it shows open hours on the Disney website.

Is this an update needed for the TPs or is there a list of closures that I’m missing?

Regardless of what crowds and waits times might be, I’m still a planner!

They are not open. Unless they just opened today for the first time.
I’ve read a lot of reports from disappointed guests that they weren’t open.

I feel like I’ve read through closure lists. Is there another list I’m missing? Thanks!

No list is every going to be 100% accurate, because things change so fast.
That said, I do know that both Kringla and Les Halles showed closed on the Disney website not long ago, so maybe they ARE reopening? :woman_shrugging:


We were there the first week of August and Les Halles was open (yay!) but Kringla was closed (my DS was so disappointed).

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That makes sense. I see that Les Halles does show hours on Disney.com (see below), but Kringla does not now. I’ll go by that for planning purposes. And I assume the TPs will be updated as we go too. Thanks!

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