Updated Touring Plans?

I have a question: will the touring plans online be updated to reflect the current closures and changes to the park? I’m afraid of following the plans as they are in case closures and construction have actually changed the best order to go in.

for instance, when new things open up (such as the Frozen Attraction in EPCOT), will the correct data be input to know when exactly to go, or will we just have to make a guess? Or in cases like Hollywood Studios, will the one day touring plan for adults be updated to remove “One Man’s Dream” and “Lights, Motors, Action” (and everything else, it seems), or will we just need to create a custom plan to get them most accurate plan?

Thanks! I go in early June, if that helps!!

yes. everything is updated as quickly as possible once closures or changes are confirmed.

ETA: The custom plans are my preferred method. I like being able to move things around and have a little more control over them.


Thanks! I’ve been playing around with the custom plans, and may go with them anyway, but i wanted to be absolutely sure we were being as efficient as possible!