Updated park plan - any suggestions?

Updated Crown levels came out for my trip so this is my new plan
Orange is when there is a Halloween party, yellow is EMH


Any suggestions for changes?? Thanks!

What month is your trip? I am struggling with those numbers and this blog post:

I am going in September. I was really expecting much higher crowd levels but that is what came in the update! Maybe they will continue to go up with each iteration of updates…

They published those numbers but the blog posts says:

If DHS’s Galaxy’s Edge opens without restrictions, we expect DHS crowds to be a ’10’ on our 1-to-10 scale. It’s likely the land will reach capacity on many days this year, too.

Yeah just going to have to wait and see I suppose. Think I’ll stick with this plan and updated again if levels change again

Also I think the reference to 10’s is for closer to park opening days and it’ll have calmed down a little by mid September?

Any other suggestions or will I stick with and update my touring plans…

I took this to mean TP isn’t going to jump all their DHS CLs to 10 yet, because they mean them to be crowd levels for the rest of the park and they expect Disney to announce some sort of restrictions, even though none have been announced yet.