Updated park hours for Touring Plans

When do the touring plans show updated park hours? The hours changed for July over the weekend, but aren’t showing in TP yet. I was just wondering when we should expect those so I can update my plans? Thanks!

Did you go into your plans to edit the start time? My plans for July show the updated park hours, but for your plan to use those hours, you have to edit.

I did, and it wasn’t an option. I wonder if I need to make a new TP?

What park? You shouldn’t need a new TP.

I’m wondering now if I had just clicked on the one park with the one day that got missed, lol. I’m looking at Epcot on 7/29.

I’ve read where MDE on the phone app does an error on EMH by copying them down to the next park. If you look at the TA calendar or MDE on the web, Epcot does not have any EMH that day, and has its normal 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. hours.

Omgosh! That’s crazy! You’re right! Glad i asked. It kind of sucks, too, as I had moved my 8:05 GG ADR so I wouldn’t lose that hour of park time. Luckily I was able to get an 8:10 to replace it just now. Thank you!

I have tried editing the start time for my touring plans to Disneyland and it still won’t update and I know that Disneyland’s hours for July and August are 8am-12am. Any suggestions?