Updated hours for November

Hi everyone,

Anyone else saw the updated hours for November? The week of November 6th, MK is now opened from 8am (while it was 9am until Friday). From what I read, a bunch of other parks changed their opening hours during November. I would recommend having a look!

@len: Do you know when the touring plans will be updated?

My TP updated the day after hours were changed. You may just need to open & refresh.

@len, curious if crowd levels will be updated though?

We’re working on a crowd level update now. Should be out end of next week.


While I am excited that MK is open until midnight on one of our days now, I am a little disappointed that both of our MK days switched to an 8am opening. I’m going to have a hard time dragging my family out of bed to see the new welcome show. Hopefully we can make it.

Exactymy problem. I gad promised everyone we were only doing one EMM and all the other ones were RD at 9am, so it was totally reasonable. Not anymore.