Updated December TA Calendar

WDW has released the updated TA calendar (dated 11/13/14) for December at http://media.disneywebcontent.com/StaticFiles/ParkHours/WDWTravelAgent_December.pdf

This is typically the “final” release of the operating calendar, although there may be some last-minute or day-of changes - see http://blog.touringplans.com/2011/07/18/interpreting-park-hours/ for more info on how WDW releases and updates operating calendars.

Also, since there are some time chages, be on the lookout for updated Crowd Calendar predictions! :smile:


Is it weird that it looks like there is no MVMCP listed on the 7th and 9th any more? I looked at the Disney web site, and it still says that tickets are available for both days. Hope it’s just a misprint.

They don’t list MVMCP on the TA calendar. You can tell that they are party days because the park closes at 7:00 and there is no MSEP or Wishes.

@brklinck Actually, MVMCP is listed on every other night it occurs in the TA calendar, right below Wishes.

@jac9014 It is weird, but there are sometimes weird things on the TA calendar. For example, look at November 30 when it currently lists MK as being open from “0am” to “12pm”. The last version of November didn’t even have the 30th on it!

Interesting - I do not recall seeing it on prior releases of the Decrmber calendar. I wonder why they decided to put it in in this release (and why they did not do it for every party day)