Updated 2018 Jedi Training Procedure?


I agree with Joefishing209 in terms of allocating days for the parks. As a solo traveller to Disney a few times I always go with a park hopper ticket. Everyone is different though! But I love park hopping, start the morning in HS and then hop over to Epcot for the afternoon to grab lunch at festival booths. I highly recommend Rope dropping each park as much as you can.
Keys to the Kingdom tour is awesome!


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Although I am curious if anyone has done Jedi Training in 2018 or recently. I have an 8 yr old who is hoping to sign up in March of this year and we haven’t done JT since Sep 2015.



I don’t think it’s changed much. Signups are by the Indy gift shop, you need to go straight there at RD with the child. Sometimes they offer an anytime FP for your party. If you have a pre RD ADR at H&V, you are allowed to sign up before breakfast.


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When we arrived to sign-up for Jedi training, the only time available was the last show of the day. But, they suggested we get on the wait list. You have to check back 20 minutes before each show to see if spots were available (a lot of times kids won’t show up). Both of my boys were able to do the 12:40 show, it worked out for us!


Who do the kids battle now? Is it still Darth Vader plus another? Last time we did JTA (Sept 2015) it was Darth Maul.


It was Darth Vader and Kylo Ren last month.


Excellent! Thanks :slight_smile: