Update to Mask Policy for Restaurants

Oh I’m well aware Disney doesn’t cater to me in many ways, but I love them anyway. They have the right to set their rules, and I have the right to follow them by the book, find loopholes, or not go.


Not sure what your cane story about standard distancing has to do with my legitimate question about excessive mask requirements where distancing is already done, but ok. Burned.

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DH and I have eaten out more for more in the last 8 months than we normally do. But we take our masks off the moment we sit down and don’t put them on again until we are leaving or heading to the bathroom. It’s been this way here since it reopened. :woman_shrugging:t2:

Oh my. If you’d actually touched them with it you might have been accused of something. Good thing that didn’t happen. Glad it wasn’t someone’s kid. :disappointed_relieved:

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Have you found that most people pay attention to the ground markers and keep their distance.
On several YouTube videos lately, the parks look crowded. MK in Adventureland and Fantasyland in particular. Has that been your experience? Sometimes I wonder if it is the camera angle.

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I’m not a fan of this new rule. When I was at DLP I took my mask off as soon as I sat down and didn’t put it back on until I got up to leave. I let social distancing do the heavy lifting.

I don’t want to become one of those “l’m not going back until masks are no longer required” people, but I’m beginning to wonder.


All im gonna say here is that “finding loopholes” is going to put the onus of enforcement on already stressed out, beleaguered CMs and that is a pretty lousy thing to do, and seems contradictory to that whole “treat others as you want to be treated” thing.


Please don’t try to find loopholes. The one thing we all can do right now is to try to make it easier on CMs, not harder.


I agree. I think we should really be following the intent of the rules just as much as the letter of the rules. Perhaps moreso.

Having said that, there are certain things that don’t bother me. For example, while walking the path from Boardwalk to HS, some people would pull off their mask a bit. Once they saw someone coming, they would mask up. This is fine by me, even if it is breaking the letter of the law because they are still adhering to the intent of the law. They are not putting anyone at risk not wearing a mask while outside and no one nearby. Of course, it would bother me if they didn’t mask up along that path even when others were around.

But obviously Disney, in this case, has felt people have been pushing the limits and taking advantage of loopholes enough for them to try to eliminate the loopholes even more. The more people try to find loopholes, the stricter Disney is going to have to be.

Wearing masks just isn’t that hard to need to find a loophole for it.


Does anyone know if you can get take out at most of the restaurants? I’m not ready to eat indoors but very ready to eat someone else’s cooking!!! Very excited that Sanaa does takeout.

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Most of the resort restaurants do. Not sure about the parks.


Yay! Thanks!

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There are many restaurants that have outside dining as well as options. I think there is a list posted somewhere.

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Disney must be doing this to test increasing limits in the restaurants.

I seriously despise the mask thing in general…but I comply. In any restaurant, Disney or otherwise, I still ask the server or host if it’s ok to remove the mask before doing so.

We’ve taken 3 trips to WDW since reopening. August, November & February. Each subsequent trip has “felt” a little busier, a little more normal. But, the restaurants, in particular, have been odd and a bit depressing. Cosmic Rays used to be jam-packed at all times of the day and night. Now you can waltz right up to Sonny Eclipse and take your pick of tables. I’d love to see more tables, more diners. This policy could be the impedius.

Also “finding loopholes” is what causes them to get more and more strict and spell it out more and more.


I did this at DLP while walking from my hotel to the parks. It’s a fifteen minute walk and I nursed a Frappuccino along the way (my hotel had its own Starbucks). There was literally no-one else on the path because the hotels were very underoccupied and I was rope-dropping.

I don’t think anyone would fault you for sipping and walking IF no one else was around, since no one could see to complain, but there are still some that do in the parks in the crowds and that’s not ok.

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Maybe they should have been following the larger than life markers on the ground instead of pushing an envelope!?! I was caught off guard by them and my own automatic response. I would have never done that pre-covid. And ppl w/ children seem to keep their children in check. I’m not worried about children they are oblivious. But ppl that don’t care to protect others force many to isolate. And I agree w/ many comments here about Disney becoming more direct and ‘spelling things out’ for those that want to try and get away w/ not following clear rules… pushing envelopes, finding loo-polls. Stay home if you can’t behave. I feel bad for the CMs that have to confront those ppl.


Yes, most ppl, by far, follow the markers on the ground. Wee ones twirling around don’t but parents mind them and they don’t bother me at all. It’s always a joyful thing to see happy children playing in line.


I found multiple times people wiuld be creeping up my butt while standing in queues. Sometimes it was older kids without parents that just didnt care. Other times it was just by accident because the line doesnt move as far as you think and someone would get stuck in between 2 ground markers. Either way we learned quickly do do like I do when driving. Tap on the breaks early so the people behind you start looking for a marker then you can move up to the marker ahead of you. That took care of the people just not paying attention. I had no problem turning around and politley asking people to keep thier distance form us. I usually got a snarky look but whatever.


they we’re snarky at all, they apologized…but maybe the cane forced the “Sorry M’am”? I was too busy enjoying the 3 cavalcades going by while in line and when I just turned to look at something else they were RIGHT there, it really startled me. they did stay on their markers after that :wink: the guy in front was standing between two the whole time too. Sleep Hollow is a short but sometimes long line.

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