Update Park hours in TouringPlans

When is TouringPlans Disneyland going to update the park hours for July and August? Currently my TouringPlans for Disneyland say that the anticipated park hours for August 30-September 1 are 9am-11pm but Disneyland hours for July and August according to the Disneyland website are from 8am-12am. I have tried to edit my start time to indicate that it starts at 8am and ends at 12am but TouringPlans won’t keep the change. Any suggestions?

A couple things are at play here…

    • TP doesn’t give Disneyland or Universal as much attention as WDW. Unfortunate, but true
    • Disney’s hours aren’t settled until about 3 weeks in advance. Sometimes 12 - 15 days. This means anything you are seeing right now past August 1 are still subject to change.
    • Because Disney’s hours aren’t 100% decided yet, TP is using the “historical” data from past years to determine what the hours most likely will be. That data is often correct. (not 100%, but pretty accurate)
    • TP does update their site about once a month. If they haven’t done a July update yet - see “step 1” above. They’ll get to it.

5 . - For now, start your plan at 9am. If you arrive truly arrive at 8am you can do one or two attractions in that hour (depending on how serious you are about RD or if you have Early Entry) Start your plan where you think ride #2 or #3 would be. Adjust once everything is updated.



Thank you! It is too bad that TP doesn’t give the same attention it gives to WDW to Disneyland and Universal. Disneyland is the grandfather, the first park. It should have all the attention.
Silly question but what is RD?

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RD is Rope Drop, the official opening time of the parks or whenever they actually drop the ropes and allow the general public to enter (which can be a few minutes earlier than official opening time). People who RD are people who are there very early and are waiting at the rope for that earliest possible moment to enter.

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If you find time/schedule differences between what TP uses for specific dates and what DL has on their official website, you can email webmaster@touringplans.com to let them know. TP can usually keep up with park hour updates, but it’s harder for them to keep an eye on every attraction, show, entertainment, etc.

The DL website has hours posted only through Aug 18. They’ll release more hours in upcoming weeks.


In their defense 90% of their business is WDW. So I get it, but I go to Universal often and like updated info

For me that’s typically at least 45 mins - 1 hr. before the park opens! IMHO - Every minute the parks are open is $$$ I’ve spent to be there and want to maximize. (Plus, I’m a nerd who loves these places too much!!)


Thank you!