Update on when crowd calendar updates added to touring plans?

I’ll be making our FPP selections tonight for our trip in January, and was hoping to re-optimize our touring plans in case the crowd calendar changes have a meaningful impact on when I’d try to schedule them. I keep checking the forum and the blog, but haven’t seen anything re: whether the touring plans have the new crowd calendar updates. I’m trying to be patient, but I’ll be in class for 4 hours tonight and probably won’t have a chance to re-optimize between class and when the booking window opens.

@Lentesta - do you have an estimate for when the touring plans will incorporate the new information?

Thanks for all you do!

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I’m checking with Fred and Steve. Should have an answer in a few hours. Thanks!

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Attraction wait time predictions have been updated through April 31, 2015. The next four months will be loaded tonight. And the rest will be loaded the following night.


Thanks for the update @SteveBloom . Headed over now to see what happens :smiley: