Update on Seasonal Events at Walt Disney World Resort


Thanks, great info

I’m cursed.

2017 MNSSHP Rain, no headless horseman
2018 MVMCP Perfect, exception that proves the rule
2019 MVMCP 1 Rain
2019 MVMCP 2 Heavy rain, tickets refunded
2020 MNSSHP Global pandemic, cancelled

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I’m sorry, does this help you on deciding whether to go? I’m re-thinking my Sept plans…

Not really. It was a minor part of my plans. If I go in October it’s going to be a UOR-only trip now. That’s not a deal-breaker.

The trip is four months away. My flights are non-cancellable, but circumstances may cause them to be cancelled — Yay! Refund! The UOR hotel is cancellable up to a week before, so no need to make a decision until much nearer the time.

It will be based on whether I can tear myself away from Calvin, and the COVID situation: infection rates and masks.

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I sympathize – too many moving pieces beyond your control, or even ability to understand. I’m losing my mind and frankly I don’t have big money outlays at stake, just DVC points that I may lose.

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I’m really not surprised. It is an insight into how far into the calendar they are not going to be doing any fireworks / shows / character greeting. Now, anyone hoping those things might be there for a Sept. 1 - Nov. 1 trip at least has info in which to gauge their decision. :slightly_frowning_face:


Wow, I wonder if Universal will also cancel their Halloween event?

Not So Scary is an event built around parades, fireworks and large groups of people together. This means nothing for Halloween Horror Nights where things CAN be distanced. While I wouldn’t be concerned about it being cancelled, there will no doubt be changes.


So we are getting Food and Wine Festival starting July 15th

One ste p ( baby step). Closer to EPCOT home of the permanent festival.

i think its a matter of preparing for the worst for Disney. It is much easier to add daytime parades into the parks last min or start fireworks if things start looking up a few months from now. Much harder to plan parties or wait to cancel them until latter. It was the right decision…still sucks. BOO TO YOU covid 19! Lol

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