Update Credit Card on File

I have a question on the CC on file in MDE. I made the reservation holds for dining and star wars on my credit card which is saved on file on MDE. However, we want to use a different credit card for Onliine Check-In for the hotel fees and incidentals. When I do the online check in, I can edit the credit card to the new card. It then also gives the option to check the box to save the new card and remove the old card. I would prefer not to do that.

I guess my question is, during online check in, if I use a different credit card and DON’T save it to MDE, will it keep the reservation holds I have already made on my card and charge the room/incidentals to the other card (mom’s card)?

I don’t want to accidentally screw something up considering how unreliable disney apps/websites can be.


The card you used for your ADRs is just used to charge you $10 per person if you don’t show up. If that happens, it will use the card that you reserved the ADR with, which is not necessarily the one you have stored on MDE. When you actually pay for your meals you can use whatever card you want or you can use your MB to charge to your room. If you charge to your room, it will probably be the one you used to check in with, but you’ll want to actually ask Guest Services at the resort after you get there to be sure. You can set a different card for each person at the GS desk so that one person can purchase things on one card with their MB and another can charge to a different one with theirs. Then the food could be paid for by the person who has the correct card associated.

So, in theory, if I do online check in with a different card and I DON’T save that card, it should still use the “new” card for room charges and charging to the room (which is what we want). Basically the stored card is there in MDE for my convenience, but will only be charged for items I actually used it for. So, if we don’t show for a dinner reservation that I used my card for, it would charge the fee to my card, even if I didn’t save it to MDE.

Yes, I plan to use the new card and not save it for check in. Sometime after we arrive, I will check with guest services to make sure they are using the right card. Even if they aren’t it’s not a huge deal.

Thank you!