Upcoming trip room request question

I looked at the resort map for Pop and picked the room I am interested in. On my upcoming trip list it shows that I picked that room. What I can’t find is where to add a specific reason for a room in that area. I thought there used to be a place to type in a request. Can anyone help me with this?

On my room request, there is a field to put in “Additional Information” which is where I listed some stuff about this trip being for my wife’s birthday and said, we only need a King bed, and want to be in the 1970’s building.

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That is what I am looking for. I can’t seem to find it. It isn’t showing up when I click on room request, or click the room number or anything else.

Look on your dashboard. Filling out a room request is one of the things there. It has an edit and delete option, configure room request, and dining. It is at the top of the gray box in the middle of the page.

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That is exactly where I am on the Dashboard. When I click on room request (which I already picked) there isn’t a field that says “Additional Information”. I don’t know why this isn’t showing up. It always has in the past.

When I use the link on the forum it brings me to my dashboard. When I go to the trip, if I have picked a room, it says “configure room request”. That is where I add my name, reservation number and notes?

There are 2 spots on the dashboard referring to room numbers. Make sure you are clicking on the one that has the picture of a little bed icon, and it says CONFIGURE ROOM REQUEST

Nothing worked. I deleted the trip and started over and Configure Room Request finally showed up. Thanks everyone for trying to help. Liners are awesome.

Sounds like a browser/device/issue of some kind. I went through and set up a new trip just to see if it would happen for me, and everything came up as expected. Update, clear, try incognito browser, all those technical things.