Upcoming restaurants and ADRs

Sorry if this had been asked, but I couldn’t find it when I searched. Anyhow, we are going between Christmas and New Year’s and are hoping to dine at Skipper’s Cantina and Jock Lindsay’s. What’s the process for WDW to release ADRs? Do they announce the date/time in advance or just put them out there? My current strategy is to check MDE, then Lines chat, then a few Disney blogs shortly after 6am eastern… Anything else I should be doing? Thanks!

There will almost definitely be buzz about the reservations become available, so if you are monitoring Disney-related media, you’ll get a heads up - I am not sure how much, but with Morimoto’s, for example, they told us last week that reservations would start next week and the restaurant would open at the end of September. That is a bit different since it’s not strictly a Disney property, but it may be indicative of how they will approach it with the other new spots.

Here’s some info for Morimoto. I’ve seen nothing about Skipper’s or Jock Lindsay’s