Upcharge events and rain

Just read Bricker’s account of (I assume) the first MNSSHP of the year.

In — to me — a non-shock development it was marred significantly by rain. People were asking for — and getting — compensation.

I continue to believe that Walt Disney was an idiot picking Florida.

I’ve been to MNSSHP once and it was spoilt by rain. And MVMCP three times — one was perfect, one was spoilt by rain, one was ruined by rain.

These are not great statistics. My rainy MVMCPs were in the same year: I specifically booked two as a hedge against rain. I still lost out.

I’m visiting in December and keep coming back to the idea of booking MVMCP for myself and my boys. But with the substantial increase in cost and the very real possibility that the whole thing will be a washout, I just can’t take the risk. Especially with a trip that for my boys will be a once-in-a-lifetime: so there is no compensation Disney could reasonably offer if things did go wrong. Again.

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We went to the first party and did everything we wanted to do- full bags of candy, Fireworks, second parade, Zombie Beatz, Space Mountain overlay, kids meeting their favorite YouTube personalities (funny how that’s a thing now!)

Disney went above and beyond giving everyone a refund who wanted one.

I think other states proved to be too cold/too expensive back in the day for land prices.

We usually go for spring break and like the weather in FL that time of year when we’re ready for a warm up.

Rain isn’t the biggest risk in Dec like it is during the rainy season aka hurricane season June 1st - Nov 30th. Although, we did attend (once) a christmas party in 1999 that had drizzle the entire time.

this surprises me, I believe you, but it’s unlike Disney b/c they warn ppl of cancelation for weather w/o promise of refund. I would go again to a Halloween party b/c of all the fun costuming, but Christmas party doesn’t hold the same charms.

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Yep they have the disclaimer, but they went above and beyond and gave refunds/new party dates.

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We just left and did MNSSHP Tuesday. The first 3 maybe 4 hours it rained of and on. Just enough to be annoying. It didn’t ruin it but did kinda make it a hassle early on as there was some thunder booming in the area and my mom doesn’t do thunder very well. This trip was the first we’ve had where we fought and dodged rain and thunderstorms every single day. Rain we can do, thunder and lightning require a little more attention.