Up! vs Finding Nemo

Trying to narrow my choices down for my 1 day at AK.
We are 2 adults with a toddler girl.
Should we see Up! A Great Bird Adventure or Finding Nemo.
She loves animals, but she also loves music and dancing!
What to do?

Are you doing FOTLK? That has animals and music and dancing. My young kids loved it.

I haven’t seen Up! but given how many terrible reviews I have read on here I haven’t worried too much. We LOVE Nemo!!! It is truly an incredibly impressive production. My vote is Nemo, hands down.


Exact same response from me! Haven’t seen Up, but the Nemo production is amazing, from the costumes to the songs. Our two toddlers loved it and we would choose seeing it again over seeing Up for the first time.

Finding Nemo is my favorite show there, followed by festival of lion king. Up is only ok. My kids loved Nemo best since they were more familiar with music and story is well told. Lion King has some scary music and they said too loud.


UP! is a cute bird show, but Nemo is a full on production. I’d definitely choose Nemo if I had to choose just one.

Agree with the others. Nemo is a thousand times better than Up. Plus if your kids love birds, there are flights of parrots in front of the tree of life that would use up less time and are also pretty cool.

Done and done! Thanks for the advice, all! Nemo it is!


Thanks for asking this! Helped me, too!

I just recently watch both shows and Nemo is head and shoulders above UP!. IMHO Nemo is the best production in AK.

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Same! It’s my favorite WDW show.