UP Liners

The Upper Peninsula is a vast expanse who’s entire population might just fill WDW up (about 310k people). But DW and I can’t be the only Liners, can we?

Just wondering…

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I’m not from there, but I’ve spent plenty of time there. Marquette, Sault Ste Marie,
Paradise, Copper Harbor. It’s beautiful, but Lake Superior is COOOOOLLLLDDDDD!!! I grew up near Lansing.


Our family use to go fishing at Lake Mary & Peavy Pond near Crystal Falls every year but we have not been for a good 20 years…maybe someday soon!!

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I went to high school in Owosso, and my brother currently lives in Bath. I’m happy to call Marquette home now! Superior is cold, but that doesn’t stop the beach goers!

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When did you graduate? I finished at OHS in 1996. Go Trojans!!

I’m a 50% yooper. The better half was born and raised there. We visit family ten or so times per year, and recently bought a summer home. Negaunee, Ishpeming, and Gwinn are our spots. Very familiar with Marquette (the big city.) Black Rocks, Sugar Loaf, The Children’s Museum, New York Deli, Lagniappe, (still haven’t been to Jasmine yet) - we go to Mqt at least a few times every time we visit for shopping / dinner. Tried to make it to Blueberry Fest last week, but it didn’t work out.

Really, I graduated in '94

That’s so funny! I’ll bet we know a ton of the same people. Or we would if I kept in touch with any of them or if I was on Facebook. I’ll have to look in my yearbook for you when I get home.

You aren’t missing anything at Jasmine - Thai House is better (even though they are the same owners), and the Rice Patty is better yet! Lagniappe is one of my favorites, as is Das Stein Haus.

My parents still live there and we get down a few times a year. So much has changed, and yet stayed the same. Small town life I guess.

I wasn’t really active in much, other than band. I don’t talk to anyone from HS anymore. I was friends on FB with a few people but we’ve all gone our separate ways. I guess that’s what happens when you move 400 miles away to go to college. Most of my friends went to MSU, a few to other places, but I’m the only one that really moved away.

Ah. I joined the Navy and I never looked back. I live in upstate NY now. Band…hmmm…I was a cheerleader, but my closest friends were in band. Did you go to Disney with the band when they were there?
People that you might know…Sally Kemp and Brian Cech. They are the only two people that I keep in touch with.

Band trips to Disney happened after I graduated. We did get go to Boblo Island…yippie!
Neither of those names ring a bell, but with 400ish students in my class alone…I have a hard time remembering a lot of them! :wink:

I came to Northern Michigan University, met my DW along they way (a born and raised Yooper) and haven’t left since. I have no desire to move back downstate. We love Marquette and our DS9 loves it too! I’ve often thought of looking folks up when we go visit, but I’m just not that into it. (my girlfriend got custody of most of the friends when we broke up in '95 - because I was 400 miles away!)

When we were up there a couple of weeks back, a friend of mine from HS and I met up for dinner. Her kids have told her that there is NO way she is EVER going to be a Yooper, but they clearly are having been born up there. I told her she was a Yooper before she even knew what it meant to be one, she was clearly born in the wrong peninsula. Like you, @DisneyBergh, she went to NMU and never looked back. Though that was 92.

I hope you enjoyed the rest of your trip. How id your BF do in the bike race?
We have that Yooper, not Yooper discussion a lot! Some people say if you weren’t born here you’ll never be a Yooper. To me its so much more than where you were born. I consider myself to be a naturalized Yooper. I’m a Troll (the born below the bridge kind, not internet kind) but I’ve lived in the UP for nearly 23 years, which is more than half my life so…Yooper (plus I married a born Yooper and my son was born here too)

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I was born in Chicago, but I have about 20 pasties in my freezer at all times.
We also keep trenary toast, cudigi, and potato sausage around as well. I won’t mention how many pounds of wild blueberries we pick, and keep in the freezer, too. If word gets out about those… (Ppl from Maine think THEY know what a blueberry is…)

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Yeah, don’t let the blueberry secret out! I’ve found that people protect their secret picking locations even more than fishermen do!We had a cool and rainy early summer, and the crops are bumper this year. Personally, I hate picking, so we tend to buy more than pick, but even then the berries are awesome!

We had a great time, and he did well- took third in his division. He was very pleased! We’re going to try to get back up there this fall before the blizzards start. #snowpacolypsenow

I think being a Yooper is more the mindset than the birth location personally!

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