Up Close Without Rhinos…

We booked the Up Close With Rhinos experience for our stay mid-Aug, but have just been told due to construction there will be “no Rhinos to interact with” :rofl:

So they’ve offered us a custom Elephant experience instead…apparently it’ll be closer than you get with Caring For Giants… I’m actually quite curious and excited about what it’ll be like…. Though they’ve made clear we won’t be able to touch the elephant.


That sounds great. It’s good they are substituting verses cancelling.


Did they say how long the construction is going to last? Was hoping to do this tour when we go the week after Thanksgiving.

Sorry, they didn’t say. But I will report back on the Elephant experience… we go on Thursday!

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Will post on both rhinos threads… the “construction” they referred to seems to be repainting the pens, so tours should hopefully be back to normal within a few days


Thank you for the intel!!

ETA: And hope you had a great time!!

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