UOR Touringplan - add to itinerary?

Is it possible to pull my UOR Touringplan into my itinerary that is otherwise entirely WDW? I’d like to show it in my itinerary if possible.

Someplace other than the dashboard on the website? I have all my trips and TPS linked there?

It doesn’t seem to want to pull the UOR one in somehow. I’ll keep trying. When I click “add a plan” it only offers me WDW parks. The plan already exists (DH created it) and so it should show up but it doesn’t

I just tried. I created a plan from the Universal app.It then showed up under the name of the plan on my itinerary on my dashboard.

It is also in the Uni app

That is so weird. I wonder why it will not pull into my itinerary…

On my phone

It looks weird but that is my plan

But is this a combo trip wdw and UOR? I don’t even have the portion to select UOR as a park

Are you trying to view WDW+UOR plans from your phone?

Yes, I put it in like a split stay:

(My phone view)

I created the plan in the Universal app and it linked .

Ah see that won’t work for me.

Basically the answer is you cannot have both WDW and UOR in the same itinerary. You have to split them.

That’s lousy actually!

Just one more reason to stay in the Bubble :joy::joy::joy:

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This won’t work for you?

I can see that just fine when I go to view the plans.

What won’t work is pulling it in to my overall trip itinerary

Like this:

It appears I would have to split my trip into 3 separate trips: 6/28-6/30, 7/1, and 7/2-7/7. And I’m not doing that. The thing should be sophisticated enough to allow me to pull it all into one trip. But I can’t see how to do that.


Yes I recall the same thing.

Why do you need to see your whole itinerary in order on TP?
You just use one day at a time right?
Don’t you have your basic schedule on a spreadsheet?

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I reference all of my information sources for different reasons. I need the big itinerary mainly to finalize my spreadsheet. And for posterity.

Well ok then :crazy_face:

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