UOR touring plans help - is plan realistic?

hi -
We have our first trip to universal planned for October. We will arrive tues 10/2 at noon into MCO, will uber over to RPR and hopefully arrive there by 2pm, will go to the parks on tues evening and then again all day on wed 10/3 and then transfer over to WDW mid-day thus 10/4

We will have the express pass since we are staying at RPR but I am wondering if the wait times really will be as low as my touring plan is telling me? a lot of rides say only 1 min. I can’t imagine we can even get through the queus that quickly. I set the walk speed at relaxed to try to add some extra time in.
We are not harry potter people. never seen any of the movies or read the books but I am planning on watching at least the first movie with my kids before we go to get some background on it. my kids don’t typically do big coasters (11 and 8 years old) but they may want to try them.

I copied the plans here.
tues 10/2 start at universal:
tues 10/2 after arrival to IOA:

wed 10/3 start at uni:
wed 10/3 arrive at IOA

I appreciate any input as to whether these plans are doable and realistic. I started our 2nd day late (10:30am) since we will want to sleep in and eat breakfast before heading over. I figured with the express pass and being there mid-week in October, we didn’t need to be there at park opening.
appreciate the help!

Just returned from UOR 6/20-6/26, my 1st time with kids 10&13. The plans are not realistic, they are not in “real time” if you download the “lines” app that will give you realistic wait times during your day when you are physcally at the park. Your copied plans will be on the app, and the moment you get past the gate open the app on your phone and select the plan you have copied and then either “evaluate” the copy plan in the order you set it up. It will then give you “real time” wait times or “Optimize” the plan and it will reorder your copied plan to give you the best order to minimize wait and walk times… Then as you finish a ride you can “evaluate” again and see what the updated wait times are. I do think the time time frame in October and the availability of EP. you will have no problems at all waiting too long. 5 - 10 minutes at most. When I was at UOR the past week, without the EP, the people with EP just walked into there own EP lines and went on the rides 1, 2, 3 with very little wait…


thx for the input!