UOR people: Here’s a question to which I should know the answer

Does a standard Loungefly backpack fit in the free compulsory lockers?

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Yes. But if it’s packed very full it will be tight (maybe too tight). One fix is to take something out like a sweatshirt and put in separate. With the lockers being deep it works to do that.


I did a bit of research and the paid-for ride lockers are only $2, so it’s not a huge deal. Unless they’re all in use, I suppose.

We find it worth the $2. DH carries a backpack that is bigger than a Loungefly but smaller than a full backpack. It will fit but it’s a lot of work. It’s much easier yo use the bigger one.


I’ve never seen them all full.

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My Loungefly was practically empty but I still damaged it getting it in and out of lockers for 3 days.


I noticed, last month, a lot of them have gone up to $3. I used to carry a large bag, but got tired of having to make a “locker budget”.

Slightly annoying. But not a deal-breaker.

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Yes but it’s tight. Done it multiple times and never ruined one but it was scraping stuff.

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