UOR on Rainy Day

So, we’re supposed to be at Universal this weekend. It looks …not nice…

Does anyone have suggestions for how to spend a day of thunderstorms? I was hoping it wouldn’t rain/storm ALL day, but the closer we get, the more Saturday looks like a wash-out.

Thinking I’d better rearrange plans. I’d spent this past weekend moving things around so we’d go to VB on Saturday. The forecast is getting colder and stormier. Maybe not the best idea? So, I’m back to thinking we’ll fight the crowds at VB on Friday. At least it’ll be warm.

Then I have Sat, Sun, Mon AM for the other parks.

Any suggestions for Saturday would be appreciated!


Do you have 2 park per day tickets?

Yes - actually 3-park so we can be very flexible!

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Although there are some great outdoor attractions I think you can have amazing full days just focusing on indoor rides and shows.


That sucks! TBH - Your options are slim, if you don’t want to put on a poncho and walk between rides in the rain.

If you do decide to go into the parks USF is the better “rain park” - IMHO. It has more attractions where the ride & queue are indoors.

If you don’t want to walk around the parks in the rain, maybe go see a movie & a sit down lunch at CityWalk with a lot of shopping… :man_shrugging:

Have you considered The Great Movie Escape? That’s another indoor activity in the CityWalk area. (It’s not cheap though!! :money_mouth_face:)

Now… I do have a crazy thought… Have you considered that this might be a great time to ride Dudley Doo-Right’s Rip Saw Falls & Popeye’s Barges??? You are already gonna be wet!! (Maybe see if JPRA is operating!! :ocean: :cloud_with_rain:)

Go hang out in CityWalk and do a few activities. Then before going back to the hotel ride these great water rides with total impunity!!


I’m rearranging now, actually. (Yeah, I’m supposed to be working, but this is more important!)

Thinking we’ll do a good chunk of USF on Saturday. DS will be angry sloshing from ride to ride, but we’ll poncho up and carry on.
Will the shows close if there are thunderstorms? Will the street performances happen? Things like Beedle the Bard?

I DID think about doing VB on Saturday, but it keeps forecasting colder and colder weather. So, I’m hesitant to add those water rides to the plan, just because of how cold it’s supposed to be. Maybe 70 and rainy isn’t that cold in FL? It IS in MN! Will those water rides be down if it’s thunderstorms?

I think we’ll hit up Cowfish on Saturday evening, after getting dried off.

If it is actively raining most of the street performances will be cancelled.

However, the stage in Diagon Alley is covered with a clear dome. If it is only a light rain Beedle the Bard and Celestina may come out. However, the rain can’t be coming down too hard as it can still blow in sideways or be too loud on the glass above.

I probably wouldn’t go to VB in the rain as I hate wet sand and being pelted as you slide! :crazy_face: Plus, VB is the first place to shut down if there is lightning within a 10 mile radius (Not hyperbole)

I will say that if the wind isn’t too bad a 70°F day in FL isn’t too chilly, but I wouldn’t walk around too long soaked from head to toe! (I’d be OK if I was going to do the IOA water rides and then going directly back to my room for dry clothes!!)

Maybe bring a towel!