UOR 2 Park vs 2 Park Park-to-Park

Sorry if this was explained somewhere, I searched but couldn’t find an answer. If we want to ride Hogwarts both ways, we would need a 2 Park Park-To-Park ticket correct? What is a 2 Day 2 Park ticket then? Just that in 2 days, you can access one park of your choice each day? So a 2 Day 2 Park Park-to-Park would allow you to ride Hogwarts back and forth? Sorry, I’m new to UOR and trying to make sure I buy the correct tickets online.

Universal has base tickets and park to park tickets.
A base ticket (a 2 park ticket), no matter how many days it is, allows you to access one theme park each day the ticket is valid. 2 park tickets do not include access to volcano bay.
A park to park ticket (whether two parks or three parks) allows you to access both parks on the same day, and allows you to ride the Hogwarts express both ways.



What I’m seeing on the website is no major difference in the ticket types’ names. You have to look at the graphic, right? So if you want to ride the Hogwart’s Express you need the ticket that says UF+IoA not the ticket that says UF OR IoA? It seems that and price are the only indication that there’s any difference. I’m now worried that the ticket I have won’t let me ride HE, but in my UOR app is says + not OR so I think I’m good?

They need a name difference, like ‘park hopper’! :crazy_face:

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This is what my wallet shows. It should say “park to park”

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Aha! I wasn’t reading my “code”, mine says PTP. Thank you!



It does seem clear to me on the website. If you tap “explore tickets”, each option should say either “park to park” or “one park per day” in smaller writing above each ticket option.

And yes I can confirm the “ptp” is park to park. This is a used park to park ticket of mine from 2018: