UOAP Lanyards

Hi! Universal currently has special lanyards available for AP holders for free! I saw on chat that they are going fast. I won’t be there for 3 more weeks. Is anyone going sooner (with an AP) that doesn’t want the lanyard or has a family member that doesn’t? I’ll pay for shipping for you to send it to me! Thanks!!

I’ve been an AP holder since 2018 and I’ve only ever gotten the free buttons they give out.

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If I can get over to Toon Lagoon on my way out I’ll get yours. Sorry I didn’t see it on my way around this morning!

They didn’t scan my ID or anything when I got mine this week. So even if they do, I still qualify!

Next time @ me! :wink:


Thank you so much, no worries if it doesn’t work out! I didn’t want to bother you with a task on your last day! But… I did @ you in the other thread so :woman_shrugging: why didn’t I here lol.

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That is odd! I checked my notifications and itnor there! No worries! Gives me an excuse to walj that direction and make ride Doom on the way out!

I love it sooo much. I know that’s silly! All Hail Doom!!


I’ve never ridden Doom, DH did twice in a row on our trip in October. I was worried because I don’t like drop rides. But, he said the fast part is going up so I think I’ll try it later this month on my trip with DD. DH and I go back in April so I can ride it with him then if I like it.

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It’s all a rush up! By the tome you are done screaming it’s over. I was nervous originally too. What helped me is I did some research and Dr. Doom’s Fear Fall has no record of any recorded incidents or deaths. As a former Ops person I know how important it us to maintain that record!

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Good news…bad news…

Bad news…they are totally out of lanyards.

They are giving away Mardi Grad Magnets now

Good news!

I have plenty of lanyards at home and my AP is over today! You can have mine! I’ll wash it in rhe delicate cycle and mail it to you Tuesday!

DM me your address!