Unusual high level on crowd calendar on Monday, 23 September

The overall crowd calendar has–what appears to me as–an anomaly on Monday, 23 September 2019.

Overall crowd levels for the days around this day are as follows.

Thu 19 Sep 3
Fri 20 Sep 2
Sat 21 Sep 5
Sun 22 Sep 2
Mon 23 Sep 6
Tue 24 Sep 2
Wed 25 Sep 3

I understand why there’s a spike on the Saturday; would expect Sunday to be higher than a 2, but am surprised at the 6 on the Monday.

We’d planned a break from WDW on the weekend, but the Crowd Calendar suggests that this is the wrong strategy and we should go to one of the parks on the Sunday and not the Monday.

Any thoughts?

i am following along. my family and i will start our stay on september 21st and i thought the same thing.

it’s because a lot of people check in on sunday and there first park day is Monday. it’s not just your Monday, but most Mondays


Yeah. I scrolled through the CL calendar and you can see it the same pattern the weeks before & after.

Generally the days at MK that do not have a MNSSHP scheduled have a higher crowd levels. Less people seem to go to MK on party days because of the decreased park hours. Closing at 6:00. That is what happened last year. Non party days were much more crowded. This was probably factored into the numbers which is why you are seeing a 6 on a Monday and only a 2 on a Sunday.

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I don’t generally pay much too attention to the overall crowd level. I’m more concerned with the individual parks crowd level.

For example - Nov 1 -
Overall 4 out of 10.
MK - 1 (party night - hours are 8am-6pm with 7am EMH)
Ep - 3
HS - 5
AK - 5