Unusual EMHs, MK pm, Epcot am

The two days we have EMHs are possibly the least useful I can imagine. But that isn’t going to stop us using them! Oh no!
Our first day at WDW is MK with an evening EMH. Anyone able to share their experience and tips on how to make the most of it? Our main plan is just to soak up the atmosphere and maybe get some extra rides once queues drop.

Similarly we have an Epcot morning EMH… Not the obvious choice. I’ve not booked FPs, instead got them for a park hop later to AK. So besides hitting the big rides anyone got suggestions on what to do?

One thought on MK is that near the Tangled restrooms once the sun goes down there is a photo op for your party to get photos with Rapunzel’s lanterns. Its really lovely. In addition to the rides.
On morning EMH, if you have a parkhopper ticket what I do is hit the headliners at Epcot, and then hop to another park where I have made midday FPPs, which then hopefuly get used so you can get more. MK is the obvious choice on the monorail, but maybe works for HS if it is easier to get mid-day/afternoon FPPs there.

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I thought you were staying off site so how are you using EMH?

We have a campsite booking the first night to save money by getting free parking and magic bands, and the 60day FPP. But the other bonus is EMH those two days we have free parking! Hence the weird ones we’ve got.

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Ok I was thinking something changed and I missed it, well I miss something obviously.

Fab, that’s exactly our plan as I got FoP passes that day of Epcot EMH! So we’re off to AK at about 11.30.
Thanks for the Rapunzel info, love that!

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