Unused Tickets

Hi. I’m sure this has been asked before, but I can’t seem to find it. I have booked a hotel, but I need to buy tickets. I usually buy from Undercover Tourist. If I buy the tickets and link them to MDE but end up cancelling my trip, I will be able to put what I paid for the tickets towards tickets for later dates, correct?

Yes, that is correct! Undercover Tourist also sells “refundable” tickets that are mailed to you and are 95% refundable for 90 days even if you link them to MDE.

I don’t think that’s quite accurate, but close.

Instead, you can apply the value of the ticket when you bought it to the price of the new tickets. The reason this matters is because Disney doesn’t necessarily know how much you paid, but they know how much those tickets were worth in their system.

So, for example, let’s say you bought tickets for a week in March that Disney charges $300 for (making up numbers here!). Now, you buy them from UT and only pay $275.

But, let’s say you delay your trip for a year. Now you decide to go April of next year, and those tickets now sell for $325. You should only have to pay $25 to convert the ticket, not $50. This way you still keep the original savings from buying through UT.


If a UT ticket is linked to MDE, can you change the dates on the ticket and use it at a later time if you have to cancel the original trip? I would envision finding the furthest out date at the same or closest price (realizing if the new date costs more you would have to pay the difference), and then changing again when new dates are planned. Along the same line, could you add on days to the ticket if one needed to?

I will add that per my experience last summer, Disney may or may not know exactly what you paid to UT, but they do know exactly how much Disney received from UT for your ticket. But, my understanding is the same as @ryan1 as far as how they SHOULD adjust. Unless you get a CM like I did who insists all they can do is refund you :roll_eyes: .

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I have done this with UT tickets before by calling Disney and they were able to change the dates of my tickets (I also added days by paying the difference in value).

Keep in mind there may be some kinds of tickets you have to go to Guest Services in person to update. I know this is the case with tickets that have been partially used but have days outstanding that are still valid. Also the case with unused tickets that have expired, I believe.