Unused tickets?

I purchased tickets from Undercover Tourist for our March 16 trip. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19 and underlying health issues my mom isn’t going to be able to make it. I called WDW to ask if they could basically transfer one of each of her park days to my daughter and I so we could have an extra day (long shot, I know.) The person said no, but that if the tickets are unused then their value will sit in her account for 5 years. Does anyone know if this is actually true for Undercover Tourist tickets? The CM said things like “I’ve heard” so she did not instill much faith.

My understanding is that once a ticket is in your MDE account, there is no difference where you bought it. I don’t know how long or if there is a limit to how long it is good or at least how long you are able to use the value toward a new ticket. Also I believe if the ticket is unused you can reassign it to someone else in your account. So if your mom is not able to make it anytime soon, someone else should be able to use the ticket, maybe on another trip.


I don’t know what ticket type you have but calling UT might be of some help. There is another (similar?) discussion here.

I would def try calling again if UT can’t help, and going to guest services in person if you are unable to resolve it before that.

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Try reassigning it in MDE to your DD. See if that works!