Unused tickets from 1991

So my mom found 2 adult and one child ticket from 1991. They’re 4 day tickets with one unused day on each. They don’t have an expiration date but it says they must be used by the same person. Being as I was ten and my wife was 5 we obviously weren’t the adults and my being negative 22 my now 5 year old son wasn’t the child. What are the odds these tickets will work?

FYI they were $106 for the adults and $83 for the child for 4 Parks.


You can definitely use them! We had some like that, and our child had become a teenager/young adult. GS at MK swapped them out for all adult PH tickets, each with the appropriate remaining days (some had 2 days, some had 1). The old ones had no way to link to a specific person, so no ID was needed to exchange them. They gave us new ticket cards to use, but I’m sad we don’t have those old date-stamped tickets as souvenirs.

I suggest calling to see if you must exchange them in person, or not. If you must do it in person, I hope you get a chance to stop by GS (such as at DS) months before the trip you plan to use them, so you can make advance FPP.


Yes, unexpired tickets are still valid!

Last November we exchanged two 1989 passes for MGM Studios for 2 Magic Your Way non-park-hopper tickets. Dad found them in an old scrapbook from our trip in May '89 (when the park opened!).

Have to do it in person at a Guest Services ticket window; we did it at the TTC.

Because it must be done in person, you therefore can’t add the tickets to your MDE and use those days for FastPasses.

Worth noting: As long as the name on the ticket matches the name of the person trading them in – meaning, you’re family – there shouldn’t be an issue.

Saved my parents about $200.

I’m not worried about fast passes the day I’ll use those old tickets. I plan on asking the kids what park they liked the most and going our last day.