Unused ticket policy?

Yes…but I thought that change only applied to tickets already purchased and not new tickets. But maybe you’re right. Makes sense to change this policy temporarily given the uncertainty of things. This becomes a good alternative to an AP then while they aren’t selling them.

Wholly unused tickets may mean that if you use any of the days you are out of luck. It was a thought but maybe someone can give me some clarity.

I think some people that have tickets from the closure are being able to split up the days into multiple trips, but I don’t think any newly purchased tickets have that option. Once you enter the park, you start the clock. If you don’t use all your days before expiration, you lose them. At least that is how I read the policy.


That’s how I understood things.

People who had their tickets extended to Sept 2021 are able to save unused days and use them at any time before Sept next year.

But I think tickets purchased since re-opening are subject to the same rules as before. Once you use a day then they are only valid for the normal period - which isn’t necessarily 14 days either.


It isn’t even a full 14 days any more. It depends on the length of the ticket. Typically you have an extra day or two to use them, so a 7 day ticket is valid for 9 days from first use. A 10 day ticket might be valid for 14 days; park hoppers add an extra day too.

I knew that! I just forgot. Hence the use of the past tense “knew”. :slight_smile:

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Ya, if you only say use 5 out of 7 days, your ticket expires and those 2 unused days are gone. We had scenario where we bought my stepdad a 9 day ticket…he did make it to 6 days, but got sick week two so never used the remaining three days. The ticket fell off MDE after expiry.

Was that recent?

January, but wording was the same for the ticket. This was from the confirmation.

Tickets do not have to be used on consecutive dates. Tickets are nonrefundable.
After expiration date, the price paid for a wholly unused ticket can be applied to the purchase of a new ticket with an equal or higher price.

If your second trip concludes within 12 months of your last day, your best bet is to upgrade to an AP on the last day of your first trip, assuming it’s economical and they are selling APs by then.

Yeah that is my hope that AP are back by October. Thanks everyone

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So I have two tickets that I bought before the pandemic that have been extended to September 2021. I won’t be back probably for four years, so will I be able to apply the value of those tickets four years from now?

Yes. Unused tickets can be applied toward future tickets “forever,” according to the below section of the Mousesavers website. I highly recommend anyone who might ever buy WDW tickets read the entire section on expirations and exchange. Lots of other good info here too.



Good deal. I had read it that way but wanted to be sure. I had never needed to think about it before.

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I’m suprised no one has responded to this thread here: AP use
This is a different kind of ticket policy issue. What am I missing?

I guess everyone has their own “line in the sand” they don’t like to cross.

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Yeah my example was not trying to cheat Disney out of money. I would consider that knowingly committing fraud.

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thanks you two @Nickysyme I thought of it as an ethics issue. When I had my son use my mb for my fp to ToT I aksed the CM there first and they just laughed at us and told us ppl did that all the time, no worries.

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Fastpasses are one thing, nothing wrong in doing that assuming you’re both in the park.

Park entry is another thing entirely.