Unused Ticket Crisis!

We purchased a ticket for Christmas 2019 season to Disney World and DID NOT USE it at all. We are worried we just wasted $500!!! It is completely unused, can we move the ticket dates using the MyDisneyExperience to January 2021(not 2020) over a year out and still use it? Do we have to physically go to a ticket both in January 2021 to get it exchanged?

You can apply the cost of that ticket to a new ticket. I don’t know if you have to do it in person.

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We had the same situation 2 years ago with a ticket purchased for our son-in-law and then he had a work trip he couldn’t get out of to join us at WDW. We’re all going now in April. I just called Disney and asked them to apply the unused ticket to ones for this year. I think the price difference was minimal and they made the switch for us no problem. The catch is the ticket has to never been used at all. A few days left on a ticket that’s already been used by anyone are just money down the drain.

I think if you bought the ticket from Disney then you can apply it against the cost of another ticket by phone.

Not sure if you can do that if you bought it elsewhere. Hopefully someone else can confirm.

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