Unsure kids and FPP logistics

Another FPP question. Trying to wrap my head around it all :).

If I have kids that can’t/won’t ride something, what happens if they have a FPP for it? Does the entire party have to scan in at the same time or could someone ride once with their own FP and then again with another person’s FP? And how would having some of the family not use their FPPs affect getting a fourth one for everyone? I’m so confused! I have an adventurous 10 year old, a ride-timid 8 year old, and 4 year old who will just be too small for many things. Trying to figure out the logistics of reserving FPPs.

Do you know about the rider switch option? This will allow you to have one adult stay with your smaller child while the others ride and get a return ticket (rider switch). You can make a different FP selection for one adult and the smaller child to do another ride at the same time. Then the parents can switch. Three people can use the rider switch to ride again without waiting. You don’t have to have the same FP selections for your entire group. You can let someone else use another member of your party’s FP. I think, in your case, you will get more benefit from the rider switch options.

Yes, I do. I keep forgetting about that, and need to wrap my head around how to use it. I didn’t realize three people could use it. That could be very helpful. Thanks.

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Also, we are planning one afternoon for my husband and oldest to go to HS and hit RnR and ToT while I stay behind with (hopefully) napping younger children. Just to confirm, if I get FPPs for 4 of us for those rides, could they take two extra Magic Bands and each ride twice, if they want?

A ride swap question - I can’t remember. Is there a time limit on the pass you get? Or could we go back later on in the day if we don’t have time to do both rides back to back?

I think they usually expire at the end of the current month. So yes you should be able to use them later in your trip.

I think someone posted on Facebook they were able to do this but I don’t have any personal experience. Maybe someone else will chime in. The questionable part for me would be if they need to be scanned for entry for the FP to work. I know for sure if everyone has scanned in they can be used by another person in the party. I have done that one.

You can use someone else’s magic band, but they can pull up your info if there’s any questions. For example, I scanned mine too early - while the CM was talking (overly long) with the person in front of me. She ended up not getting on and then he asked me to scan mine. I had to say that I was done and he had to check his screen. Had I (a female adult) been using my 10 year old son’s card, there might have been questions.

But I’ve gotten FPPs for my mother that I know by child will be (and has) using with no questions asked.

Did your mother enter the park with you that day? I am just curious if the magic band needs to be scanned for a park entry for the FP to work.

Yes, she was with us. Good point. But in order to use the FPPs you have to be willing to sacrifice your day, so you could go in the morning, so you’re “in” the park. It’s not like they check you out when you leave. Then again, maybe there is tracking on the bands. They seem rather cheap for that type of sophistication, though.

No, it does not. You can bring someone else’s band (say a family member with an AP who isn’t in the park, maybe not even in Orlando) and use their band for FPP’s . Just did this over Memorial Day weekend. They do not have to have been scanned for entry into the park.

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You can go back later in the day- or even another day!

Great info, everyone! Thank you so much!