Unpopular opinion (UOR edition)

Yeah that recount is ahistorical and makes no sense.

2024 has a new parade and lagoon show and we’ll see a new ride at USF sooner than later.

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Unpopular opinion:

The Spiderman ride is in need of an update.

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That Retro-themed event may start next year too, in late spring.

Probably 2026 at the Fear Factor location.


What’s this?

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Like a spring version of HHN. Separately ticketed event. Think old Universal movies/retired attractions themed houses. It’s in the works.


It definitely needs a new projector or a 4K update. I still enjoy riding it, but the projection has gotten fuzzy


Agreed. Galaxy’s Edge is pitiful by comparison.

Like i said, none of these were to imply it wasnt an enjoyable theme park. Bilge-Rat Barges blows Kali River “Rapids” out of the water (pardon the pun). And if Ripsaw Falls had better animatronics, it would probably be as beloved as the late Splash Mountain. I wish Universal would shut it down for however long they needed, in order to make the originally envisioned buzzsaw drop a reality. The second track is there!

As i understand it, Universal has the comic book versions of the Avengers, Fantastic Four, and X-Men in perpetuity, and theres nothing Disney can do about it (though i have noticed they are also selling licensed MCU merchandise, in addition to their own merch). Hulk and Spider-Man still hold up after all this time. The Accelatron, while not a must do everytime, can wipe you out. Doctor Doom, while thrilling, only gives you one big jump. At least give us multiple lifts on slow days.

The only thing ive seen used less than the concert stage at USF is the concert stage at IOA. Super Hero Island or Toon Lagoon could easily be expanded into that unused space.

If i could make one addition to VelociCoaster, it would be some kind of splash effect when you get low to the water, to simulate the Mosasaurus.

Jurassic Park is just me being nitpicky. But they’ve got Clare and Owen in one ride, and a photo op with Blue elsewhere. They just need to pull the trigger and completely rebrand everything as Jurassic World. A retheme of the River Adventure revitalized USHollywood. And Camp Jurassic is just begging to become Camp Cretaceous. You can even include an animatronic Bumpy!

The Lost Continent is special because its the most unique. Hogsmeade doesnt need an expansion. And while its too early to judge, i think a rumored retheme as Hyrule (while dreamworthy) is better as a phase two of Super Nintendo World.

I have a fantasy that if i were to win a billion-dollar lottery, I’d want to build my own theme park in NE Florida. And my crown jewel would be buying the entire Lost Continent IP and recreating it as it originally was.

Most of the attractions are duds. The Fish are just a wannabe Dumbo. The Zoo is waste of space. The Cat has slow clunky animatronics. The Trolley is enojoyable on a slow day, but is absolutely not worth longer than a five minute wait. All it really has going for it year round is the Caro-Seuss-el, and even thats nothing special. Im not advocating getting rid of anything, but put in the money to upgrade it.

Not necessarily. I agree the characters of KidZone probably went over the heads of modern children, a lot of other former attractions still hold up.

Thats why i prefaced it as UNPOPULAR OPINIONS

I just wish it lasted longer. Also, didnt they used to have people shaped craters out front?

I dont think water parks should even be included on lists like that

Thats their opinion, and what i wanted this topic for

They need more tables

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Agreed. Tasty stuff if you’ve got a sweet tooth, but it has a really short window of opportunity

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Can you elaborate?

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I like the theming because i love the comics more than the MCU. I just want to see something new after a quarter century.

I’m fine with either trilogy, but not both simultaneously. Once you stared on JW, you gotta go all the way. Not saying the River Adventure needs to be a clone of Hollywood, but at least update it with one of the hybrids.

Hey, i stand by that. So many theme park restaurants (table and quick service) just have the same menus with different names.

Grinchmas is the best, but thats it

Decades? You sure about that?

Nope, Universal had their chance with Nickelodeon, and they abandoned them for DreamWorks. And now they’re slowly moving on to Illumination.
I want Paramount to finally get off its ass and make their own park. London went nowhere. South Korea has yet to break ground. Once theres a proper Paramount park, maybe we can get an immersive Nick land.


I was sad to see T3D go, but like BTTF, im afraid it had run its course.
And this is more for the sister thread, but as fun as Indy is, i wish they mixed it up after a while. Maybe cycle through the movies with the seasons.

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Better idea: remake the KidZone Pizza Company into the Krusty Krab (with the Krusty Krab Pizza!)


Hope he feels foolish

Thats not what you said, and you know it