Unofficial Guide to WDW with Kids 2021?

I’ve been gone for a while so please forgive me if someone else already answered this question.

Does anyone know when the 2021 Unofficial Guide for WDW with Kids will be published? I preordered it in November for a friend. That order was canceled by Amazon recently and the entire listing was removed. I appreciate any insights! Thanks!


This is a good question for @Len.

Hi @FishAreFriends!

I don’t think we’re publishing a With Kids 2021 edition. The “big book” - the regular Unofficial Guide - should be out in March. I have PDFs of the individual chapter proofs, if there’s something specific you’re looking for. Happy to make those available.



Hi @Len,

Thank you so much for letting me know and for the offer!! That’s very kind. It was a friend’s Christmas present. They’ve never been to WDW. I may need to send them the big book as an Easter present. :blush:

Thanks again!

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Oh. Send me your friend’s email address and I’ll gift them a subscription to the site.

Send it to Happy to help.


Oh wow! Thank you so much Len!! I’ll send her email along. :blush::blush::blush:

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