Unofficial Guide to WDW - Paperback, Kindle, or Both?


I can’t decide which version to get! What do I choose? Do you ever need it while in the park? If so, Kindle edition sounds like a better choice. But being able to open it up and flip the pages sounds good, too.

Help me choose!!! (Please)


Paperback. I use it in planning but it doesn’t go to WDW with me. But I hate reading electronic books!


I like the kindle so I always have it with me!




I second @missoverexcited. I buy paperback because we use it to plan and it stays home. If you want to bring it I would get the Kindle


I have had paperbacks, but now I buy kindle versions. They’re cheaper and I don’t tear out stuff from the back anyway.


I get the updated Kindle version every year because it’s with me and easy to read. On years when I’m actually going, I also get the print version as it’s much easier to flip back and forth through the sections and the charts are easier to read. The book goes with me for referencing in the room, and it’s nice to have the kindle version for “emergency look-ups” while touring…


I third @missoverexcited and second @thekid :slight_smile: I find the paperback much more useful when I’m planning. I can hold fingers in 2-3 sections if I’m comparing stuff (hotels, restaurants, etc.)


Paperback for me. I like highlighting different sections, looking up different topics in back. Easier to flip back and forth from maps to bookmarked parts.

I haven’t brought book with me in years, even if driving. For some reason, never need while there. A good TP and iphone are all we need.


I choose paperback too.